With Medical Harm now the #3 Leading Cause of Death in the United States, 3rd only to Cancer and Heart Disease,  we must all work together in an effort to bring healthcare back from the brink of disaster by raising awareness and lobbying for change.

This page is designed to provide links to Patient Advocacy web sites, pages and/or groups who support the movement for change and work to reduce/eliminate Medical Harm.

To offer a collection of potential options for patients of harm across the country to connect and find the help and camaraderie many find themselves in need of after becoming a victim!

Patient Safety Action Network PSAN

Patient Driven, Patient Led

To raise awareness and to create accountability, transparency and safer healthcare.

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The AdvoConnection Directory

A Directory of Private, Independent, Professional
Patient Advocates and Navigators

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California Patient Safety Advocates

No One is Immune to Medical Errors

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The Patient Safety Movement Mission

Our Ultimate Goal Is To Get To Zero Preventable Deaths By 2020

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National Patient Advocate Foundation

The Patients Voice since 1996

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The Empowered Patient Coalition

Promoting Patient Safety

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