In Dedication & Remembrance of All The Angels of Dental Harm

NO parent should ever lose a child to a Dental procedure yet the names continue to grow. Here, their loss is honored AND documented so they will never, be forgotten!

They were someone's son, someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's brother. Their lives had meaning as does their untimely passing!

Here, these names stand guard as a constant reminder to take nothing for granted, not even a simple dental procedure!!

Our Sincere Condolences to the Parents for their profound losses.

Inspire the Nation, Save a Child - Dream Little Dreamers
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Jocelyn Hampel 2021

Denisa Alexandra Stefanoaia, 2020

Dong Lee


Zion Gastelum 2017

Daleyza Hernandez-Avila 2017


Mykel Peterson 2017

Chris Power  2016

Daisy Lynn Torres 2016

Marvelena Rady 2016

Liseth Lares 2016

Sydney Galleger 2015

Caleb Sears 2015

Benjamin LaMontagne 2014

Finley Boyle 2013

Juan Quiej 2012

Marcos Tirado 2012

Jerry Coleman GA 2011

Ben Ellis GA 2011

Jermaine Lee Harrison Jr CA 2011

Jonathan Adam OK 2011

Miciah Bonzani PA 2011

Jennifer Michelle Olenick MD 2011

Christopher Schutzius IL 2011

Marrissa Kingery OH 2011

Akasmse Rose Tecumseh OK 2010

David Liddell GA 2010

Dylan S. Stewart FL 2010

Jacobi Hill VA 2010

Maddoux Cordova TX 2009

Cory Moore Jr FL  2009

Chanel Broomfield AZ 2009

Jacqueline Martinez CA 2008

Raven Blanco VA 2007

Jenna Bautista CA 2007

Jonathan Barrera AZ 2006

Diamond Brownridge IL 2006

Jessenia Valles TX 2006

Dasia Washington FL 2006

Rogelio Crespo CA 2005

Sherral Magana CA 2005

Hunter Owens OH 2004

Torrie Price CA 1999

Bob Price CA 1999

Monique Walker NY 1997

Javier Villa CA 1997

Milton Danao II 1997

Claresha P. Harrison GA 1996

Benjamin R. Shimshock CA 1996

Jonathan Walski PA 1996

Mark Bistany NY 1993

Jenny Crenshaw FL 1989

Rifa Setiyono NY 1986

Anthony Jones Jr. OH 1985

Johnny Gray CA 1984

Christina Pounds 1983

Patricia Craven CA 1974

William Kimberly NY 1974

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