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This page contains Public information I obtained directly from the internet along with a witness statement to provide proof a pattern of anger exsited that I was unaware of but sadly exposed to.

This information is not listed to defame said professional but rather to lend creedence to my personal (patient) interactions and what I experienced in said professionals office in front of a witness.

In concern for said witness, her name shall not be disclosed. Her statement however was provided as part of a formal complaint to the Rhode Island Board of Health against said dentist and provides insight to validate my claims.

District Court Logs:

May 3 to June 8, 2012

Craig Vandongen 3/23/54 North Kingstown Domestic felony assault w2-2012-0100a 06/07/12

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is ***** ******** and I am conveying my recollection of what transpired on two (2) separate occasions when I accompanied Deann to her dental appointments with Dr. Craig Van Dongen.

The first appointment was
July 1 2013.
Because Deann had been suffering from ill health, at her request, I accompanied her on July 1, 2013 to aid with moral support and to offer any input should she need it.

Deann had been experiencing a great deal of discomfort & numerous issues since getting her new over over denture she received just weeks earlier. She wanted to bring the problems she had been having to Dr. Van Dongen’s attention in the hopes they could be addressed.

I noticed almost immediately after being introduced to Dr. Van Dongen he seemed irritated. As Deann went thru her list of issues, Dr. Van Dongen became increasingly contentious with his responses.

The conversation went from bad to worse when Dr. Van Dongen suddenly became irate and started to scream at Deann just inches from her face. From my view point just a few feet away, I could tell Deann was very uncomfortable.

Dr. Van Dongen then told Deann it was obvious that he could not please her no matter what he did and asked us to leave his office, that he was "Done with this whole thing".   

Dr. Van Dongen then offered to give Deann her $6000.00 back for the recent work but wanted the new over denture back in exchange. Deann declined his offer and then requested a copy of her dental file. His then assistant Anna tried to bargain for the files when Deann reminded them that by law, she was entitled to a copy.

After much resistance, a partial copy (2011 - 2013) of Deann’s records were given to her and we then left his office.

On July 22, 2013 I again accompanied Deann to Dr. Van Dongen’s office to retrieve her dental models and her files so she could hopefully find another dentist. That was the sole purpose in going that day.

Despite the fact Deann had called ahead and wanted nothing more to do with Dr. Van Dongen, his assistant Anna insisted the doctor felt bad and wanted to speak with Deann. Deann reluctantly agreed.

I again accompanied Deann into the treatment room because at that time she was fearful of another possible altercation. When Dr. Van Dongen entered the room and saw me sitting there his demeanor seemed to instantly change.

Dr. Van Dongen started the conversation and Deann expressed to him she simply came in to retrieve her models and files and would be on her way. Deann felt they had no more to discuss because one (1) he threw her out and two (2) he was not addressing the issue she continued to have. He proceeded to ask her what she was talking about and she told him AGAIN!. She would try to explain and he would just talk right over her, obviously ignoring anything she had to say.

At this point Deann knows Dr. Van Dongen is one of only three (3) dentist qualified to work on her dental device and desperately needed the issues addressed. She mentions in order for her to come back to his practice, he would need to address all the issues in a timely fashion. Dr. Van Dongen then agree’s to said work and Deann felt she had no choice but to go back due to the circumstances.

I was very taken back by Dr. Van Dongen’s approach and unprofessionalism towards Deann’s obvious issues. I found him to be very dismissive almost arrogant in how he was addressing Denise. That raised questions for me as to why Deann would continue to accept this kind of behavior. I asked her why she went to him when he treated her like that. She then expressed that she had very limited choices with regards to getting work done on her particular dental device and felt she had no choice.

In closing, I find this whole situation appalling knowing how hard Deann has tried to work with Dr. Van Dongen over the years and if I were her, I would file a complaint about it. She again expressed to me she needed the issues resolved and felt she had no other recourse but to continue to work with Dr. Van Dongen.

I am not easily frightened but can tell you from first hand experience, I would definitely be concerned for my safety after what I’ve seen and heard from this dentist. Dr. Van Dongen demonstrated a level of anger I have never before witnessed with any doctor or dentist and hope I never encounter again.
I truly believe Dr. Van Dongen violated Deann’s right to reasonable and acceptable care and should be investigated.

******* ***********

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. – - A local dentist was convicted in Superior Court of simple domestic assault and domestic disorderly for the beating of his fiance in 2012.

In upholding Thunberg's finding, the court relied on Andrew's "palpable" distress in her 911 call, and testimony by police that Van Dongen told an officer that he punched Andrew as well as the accounts of emergency room doctors who treated Andrew.

"We are of the opinion, therefore, that sufficient competent and credible evidence exists in the record to support the trial justice's finding beyond a reasonable doubt that defendant committed the offenses of simple assault and domestic disorderly conduct," the court wrote. The court also rejected Van Dongen's claim of self-defense. His office is at 372 Ives St., according to a state Department of Health directory.

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