Honoring the Hero's of Healthcare


Here’s to the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world. 

The ones who never think too much or feel too little.

The ones who give more than they take. 

The ones who are mission driven, heartfelt leaders..

The ones who’ve done the deep work and consistently show up.

I’m with you.
Together we can raise the consciousness of our societal norm.

Step by step, brick by proverbial brick.

- Joey Wilder

"And when I see so many broken and lonely
Soon to be entering Heaven's door
Let me count the ways
Let me count the blessings
That no man should feel lonely anymore

Let me say good luck to the people raising families
Let me say thank-you to the men who grow the bread
And here's to dreams of a bigger, brighter future
And that we all got someone to keep the stones from our bed


- John Mellencamp

While I never thought this is where I would find myself after a supposed life changing procedure that failed due to proven error and fraud, it opened my eyes to the massive suffering left by our flailing healthcare system and the undercurrent of advocacy created by it.

I invite you, the reader, to meet the many who give their time selflessly in the pursuit of evoking positive change. Who, despite their harm and losses from it, forge forward in the hopes of helping other patients avoid similar situations and potential suffering. 
Worthy of so much more than just notable mention, these healthcare hero's are the reason I created this page. At the very least, these men and women deserve the acknowledgement of their hard work that often includes countless hours of research without compensation. Endless stories of harmed patients in search of answers and moral support, and a failing system that's made 'Medical Error', America's 3rd Leading Cause of Death.

If only the public realized how lucky they are to have these hero's of healthcare. They come from every walk of life, deal with unimaginable suffering, only to step forward to serve their callings with grace & dignity for the greater good. 


Suzan Addison Shinazy, RN,


Suzan has been a tireless advocate for patient safety since her mother died of medical errors in 2003. Suzan experienced medical harm herself during surgery in 2012, resulting in a long-term disabling condition. Despite the many daily challenges her condition presents, Suzan created and passionately nurtures a grassroots Facebook page to confront medical harm. In 2015 she founded Medical Error Transparency Plan. The group is a welcoming place to share unique personal experiences and frank viewpoints for about 1,500 men and women who experienced serious harm in the health care system. For over a decade Suzan worked on medical harm issues with Consumers Union Safe Patient Project. She is a Board member of Health Watch USA and credits both organizations for mentoring her on the critical need for safer patient care. Suzan is also the co-founder and Team Leader of HospitalWatchDog.org 

You can find her FB group here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/Medicalerrortransparencyplan/

Peter Aleff


Peter Aleff is an engineer who spent much of his career separating fact from fiction in technical reports. While managing a factory that cured printing inks with ultraviolet light, he studied the U.S. Occupational Safety Guidelines for exposure to retina-damaging irradiation and discovered that the same principles applied to the visible light from the fluorescent nursery lamps which had blinded his prematurely born son.  He also found that the neonatologist doctrine about this blinding is based on rigged research that flunks even the most basic smell.

Aside from his efforts for awareness with Baby-blinding Retinopathy, Peter has actively worked outside his interests to offer his fellow advocates on social media, a welcome, helping hand. He's an incredible, wealth of knowledge and worthwhile fact checker. Peter is an absolute asset to our growing advocate community. 

You can more of his work here: http://retinopathyofprematurity.org/

Michelle Massey.jpg

Michelle Massey

Meet healthcare advocate Michelle Massey. 

After suffering the unfathomable loss of her daughter Jessie Marie in 2003 from a completely, treatable/preventable illness that was misdiagnosed in the ER, Michelle's transition into advocacy was sudden and rudely awakened as she came to realize how much an old, outdated law, would affect her ability to seek justice in her daughters untimely passing.

But suffocating grief could not stifle Michelle’s need to know: WHY? And the answers just weren’t coming. Eventually, she learned the appalling truth: Jessie’s doctors hadn’t done what they were asked to do, and they’d lied about it. Jessie was dead because of negligence, and incompetence. And nobody would be held accountable. Along with hundreds of other parents, California’s MICRA law would keep Michelle from having her day in court. However, her epic struggle to expose the injustice of MICRA would win Michelle the CAOC’s “Consumer Advocate of the Year” award (the Erin Brockovich Award) for 2005.

Michelle’s efforts for awareness and change haven’t wavered and 16 years later, she’s become a well known and well respected healthcare advocate in our growing arena. 

Find her on social media here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/frivolous.group/

Meet The E-Sisters

Credited with not only connecting thousands of Essure Contraceptive suffers together in support groups around the world, these ladies painstakingly, for seven years, collected invaluable data to build their case to present to the FDA.

These ladies, and their families, have suffered through countless hours of research, long tiring (and costly) trips without reimbursement, to share their stories. They've toiled tirelessly as a team in an effort to keep other women from suffering the same fate.

Many many sacrifices were made by these ladies in their gallant efforts to raise awareness. However, their efforts were not without reward when the FDA was forced to concede to the sisters and removed Essure Contraceptive from the (US) market. 

Countless thousands will never know the pain and suffering thanks to the E-Sisters pictured below.


Angie Firmalino

(pictured in center)


Angie Firmalino holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metal smithing from Syracuse University, an Associate’s in Psychology from Syracuse University, and an Associate’s in Jewelry Design from FIT.  She also studied abroad in Florence, Italy. 

After being harmed by Essure, Mrs. Firmalino founded a support and advocacy group in 2011, called Essure Problems.  She continues to run Essure Problems along with a strong team of women, and founded ASHES nonprofit in 2015. As President of ASHES, Angie serves as the face of the organization and runs and oversees it's functions. Often the organizer and facilitator of the group, she has strong leadership skills. Angie often attends most ASHES functions and has spoken or presented at many events. 


Madris Layne Tomes



Medical Devices Casualties
A space dedicated to the knowledge and discovery of the toxicity of heavy metals and its effects on human health. We tell the testimonies of toxic conditions and possible treatments. We want to involve all people interested in the cause. Do not let others do what they have done to you. Think and demand knowledge

Maria Fiore & Luca veg Alghisi

(Representing advocacy in Italy)

Maria and Luca, in 2016, discovered that a medical device, called Essure, sold by the Bayer pharmaceutical company, was bringing serious health consequences to her and many thousands of other women around the world. So they started researching this device, which led them to establish relationships with different activists from different countries. Subsequently Maria became passionate about everything related to medical devices in general, because she realized that many of them arrive on the market even before being tested. Luca, speaking English as a second language, contributes to the translation into Italian of some videos or documents that can help Maria and many people who have problems with implants in Italy. Maria created a closed FB group, which is called "victims of dental implants and other medical devices", with the hope of also creating a network of aware people, so that the condition of toxicity from heavy metals is recognized as a pathology of multidisciplinary interest.
Maria & Luca.jpg