Site Changes!

Hi Folks,

This is admin no 2 - a friend of Dee's who is just pootling round the site changing things! Yes I do have permission!!

I have made a few changes, mainly to the top menu and footer to make it easier for folks to find things and simplify some of the pages.

New additions include a site search facility in the footer of each page to help visitors find things using keywords and ... TA DA ....... The inclusion of what will hopefully be a very useful Dental Practice map which might look a little bare at the moment, but the intention is to slowly add contact details of ethical dental practitioners - some who may specialize in certain aspects of dentistry - to help those who are looking for a practitioner in their area. We hope that as time goes on this will build into a nationwide resource as we do not intend to list just all and sundry!

There may be a few more changes made to the design in the next few days so please be patient!

#sitenews #updates

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