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The Plandemic Portal 

In the recent months since Covid-19 hit America's shores, we've witnessed changes in our everyday lives we could've never imagined or seen coming. Initially predicted to be one of the worse viruses in decades, the nation prepared for the worse, prepared for the unknown, and for the first time, prepared to shut down. People were initially stunned by the historic efforts made to contain the deadly virus. Business's and schools were closed, people were encouraged to wear masks and keep 6 ft of social distancing. People were encouraged to stay home, only 'essential' workers were allowed to report to work as the nation battled on the front lines. Daily government briefings on the concerns of 'saving lives', and keeping ahead of spread as the reported death toll rose. We were a nation gripped in fear, tuning in to the experts with baited breath, looking for guidance, reassurance, real answers...  

However, early on, the numbers weren't adding up. Reports were being made on the falsifying of death certificates, faulty testing results, setting off a firestorm of civil/social debate of epic, proportions. 


The inconsistency in reports and recommendations mounted as the weeks rolled by and the publics mistrust grew. And as more conflicting information came in that didn't make sense, more and more professionals, started speaking out. Questions were being asked and answered expected yet, we were, hung in limbo as the narrative changed from death toll to infected cases. Where social media waged an all out assault on potential readers searching for answers by limiting sources. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, kneeling on the necks of well respected phydozens of healthcare advocators accounts with millions of followers, deleted overnight. It became evident, anyone speaking out against the promoted narrative, would be dealt with swiftly, and viciously.